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Spiro bank

Product Model: Spiro bank

Description: Implemented for the most important mobile platforms: iOS and Android. The SDK handles the Smart Bluetooth communication between your App and the device with simple and intuitive commands. And also Lung function reduces much before the symptoms occur, preventing patients from becoming   aware of their pathology

Supplier Website Link :-  https://www.spirometry.com/Eng/Products/spirobank_smart.asp

Spiro doc

Product Model: Spiro doc


operate both in stand-alone mode and connected to PC via Bluetooth 2.1 or USB. Also Numerous “rates and rhythms” regulate our lives (heart rate, breathing rate, waking/sleeping, hunger/feeling full, etc.): the heart and respiratory rates are essential for life. In particular, the breathing rate oxygenates the blood and eliminates “waste” such as carbon dioxide

Supplier Website Link :- https://www.spirometry.com/Eng/Products/spirodoc_new.asp

Spiro lab

Product Model: – Spiro lab

Description: High performance PC software for spirometry and oximetry. Each function can be activated by a simple touch on the intuitive bar menu always present on the screen.

Supplier Website Link :-  https://www.spirometry.com/Eng/Products/spirolabNew.asp

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