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 Life Care Solutions



Life Care Solutions support lives with innovative solutions designed to help you save lives and optimize the care experience everywhere.  When patients need critical, personal care, count on GE Healthcare for technologies, tools, and services that help you perform at your best.

  • Intensive Care: Clinical excellence for high-acuity patients. Simplified workflow for high-stress environments.
  • Perinatal Care: Helping clinicians and caregivers provide healing, comforting care for mothers, families and newborns.
  • Perioperative Care: Relevant clinical innovations that deliver lifetime value through high-quality performance and a positive user experiences.
  • Subacute Care: Smart algorithms to help enable earlier prevention and intervention.
  • Cardiac Care: Solutions in synch with the pulse of cardiac care – innovative, connected, and at your fingertips.
  • Care Area Continuum: Connecting clinical intelligence and patient care across the hospital.
  1. Anesthesia Machine
  2. Diagnostic Cardiology
  3. Maternal and Infant care
  4. Patient Monitor
  5. Ventilation system
  1. Anesthesia Machine 9100 NXT: – 7″colour display, Precise , versatile and dependable ,the anesthesia 9100C NXT digital workstation performs as your partner , ensures patient safety , and assures complete peace of mind.



  1. Anesthesia Machine Avance-cs2:- A Digital anesthesia that is both clinically advanced and operationally intuitive designed to help you deliver precise anesthesia to wide range of patients .


  1. Anesthesia Machine Carestation-30 :- Dependable ,intuitive and affordable system adds advanced capabilities to your practice so you can deliver enhanced care to every patient ,perform automatic leak test ,comes with volume control and manual control, have optional extended battery life of up to 360 minutes helping you long procedures every in unstable environment .



  1. Anesthesia MachineCarestation-620:- • compact, economical and easy to user efficient,precise, reliable care, compact breathing system, PCV-VG Mode and meets every patient’s needs.



MAC 600 ECG Machine

12leads,3channel ECG Recorder,4.3″colourTFT Display Hook up Advisor ,SD Card Memory up to 200patient ECGS ,Optional ECG storage in PDF format, Marquette 12sl ECG Analysis program ,Gender specific for adult and pediatric


MAC 800 ECG Machine

compact and easy to carry 3kg, Battery allows 2Hours, Integrated handle and easy-to use keypad with easy cleaning, USB port can connect to an external keyboard.



MAC 2000 ECG Machine

Marquette 12SL age and gender specific ECG Analysis program for clinical decision support, on-screen preview on large color 7″display helps streamline review and diagnosis, Arrhythmia detection and predictive score-ACI TIPI, Multiple connectivity like LANWIFI,SD card ,and Various formats like PDF and XML,Hook-up Advisor for a quality signal before acquisition ,RR Analysis for detection of patterns in Heart rate variability.



MAC 5500 ECG Machine

Large field-of-view display provides a clear view of the screen from any angle.Battery Capacity 100 single page reports, (typical) or six hours continuous display (without printing) Battery Charge Time Approximately 4.5 hours from total discharge (with display off) Paper Type Thermal, Z-fold, perforated, fan fold, 300 sheets/pack Approximately 6.8 kg (15 lbs)† including battery.

Case T2100


Walking surface height 26 cm (10.2 in) Patient comfort, 152 cm (60 inch) walking surface, Two stopping modes: Normal (gradual) and Emergency (fast), Standard full handrail set, Standard emergency stop switch, Speed range: 0.0 to 22.0 km/h or 0.0 to 13.5 mph, Weight capacity of 204 kg (450 lb)



V100 Patient monitor

Robust and easy to use,11 hour battery life,short recharge time, Wide range of accessories for all patient ages, DINAMAP Superstat NIBP measurement eliminates motion artefact errors,

B20 Patient monitor

Display sizeDisplay size 10.4 inch Intuitive menus and one-button access tocommonly- used functions
Battery Exchangeable lithium-ion, 2 pcs maxCharging time 2 hours per battery pack Run time Up to 4.5 hours Advanced clinical parameters GE SPO2 Pulse oximetry 0 to 100%Pulse rate 30 to 250 bpm
GE ECG Leads available 3-lead configuration: I, II, III 5-lead configuration: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF and VA
GE Pulse Rate GE NIBP Measurement ranges(Blood pressure ) Systolic Adult/Pediatric: 30 to 290 mmHg
Neonate: 30 to 140 mmHg Diastolic Adult/Pediatric: 10 to 220 mmHg Neonate: 10 to 110 mmHg

B40 Patient monitor

Display sizeDisplay size 12.1 in (diagonal) Battery Exchangeable lithium-ion, charging time 2 hr ,runing time 4-5hr Advanced clinical parameters GE SPO2 Pulse oximetry 0 to 100% Pulse rate 25 to 240 bpm GE ECG 3-lead configuration: I, II, III 5-lead configuration: I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF and V GE NIBP Measurement ranges(Blood pressure ) Systolic Adult/Pediatric: 30 to 290 mmHg Neonate: 30 to 140 mmHg Diastolic Adult/Pediatric: 10 to 220 mmHg Neonate: 10 to 110 mmHg

B450 Patient monitor

Display sizeDisplay size 12 in (diagonal) Battery Exchangeable lithium-ion, charging time 2-3 hr,runing time 3-5hr Depanding onconfiguration Advanced clinical parameters GE SPO2 Pulse oximetry Pulse rate
GE ECG 3,5,6and 10 GE NIBP Measurement ranges(Blood pressure ) NIBP Auto, NIBP Start/ Stop,

B650 Patient monitor

Freely configurable touchscreen, multiple profie and page ,battery back up, part of transport concepts, data continutiy ,15″ display ,8 wave forms

B850 Patient monitor

Freely configurable touchscreen, multiple profie and page ,battery back up, part of transport concepts, data continutiy ,19″ display ,14 wave forms

B125/105 Patient monitor

The B1X5 Patient Monitors are simple, flexible, and reliable monitors delivering parameter technology that you can trust.

R860 Ventilator

Featuring expert user tools and an innovative user interface ,comprehensive solution for all your ventilation needs

Siare 4000 Ventilation

Versatile, affordable and sleek advanced ventilator are equipped with all the tools and technologies that typically ICU might ever require

Falco Ventilator

Versatile affordable portable compact designed to deliver ventilation to the patient inside or out side of the hospital

Fetal Monitor -coro 170 series

A cost effective ,reliable and accurate fetal monitoring solution ,the coro 170 series helps you deliver better care to the mother and baby by noninvasive tracking the babys heart rate

Fetal monitor coro 250cx

A comprehensive perinatal monitoring range, equipped with innovative features that allow for efficient care delivery for both the mother and baby, a fully equipped maternal/fetal monitoring system

Lullaby LED Phototherapy

designed to maximize bilirubin braking down while minimizing cost, Lullaby LED Phototherapy is a high density Phototherapy solution that promote developmental care and worry free operation , Lullaby LED Phototherapy have 6 years warranty

Lullaby warmer prime

Ground up clinical excellence, caregiver comfort and enhanced reliability lullaby warmer prime delivers exceptional thermoregulation and ensures every baby receives the highest standard of care warmer

Lullaby warmer

Backed by reliable thermal performance and easy usability ,lullaby warmer helps meet your high clinical standards and provide a warm and comfortable developmental environment to every neonate.