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Infinity Technical Services Profile




• To be the leading healthcare service provider in East Africa with unparalleled technical and operational capabilities


• Provide quality service by continuously investing on technical and operational capabilities
• Build and maintain long-lasting relationship with customers
• Serve the society with honesty and diligent enthusiasm
• Ensure customer satisfaction


Infinity Advanced Technology Solutions technical services department uses an organized structure and workflow that ensure delivery of effective and quality service to its customers.

Infinity has supplied and installed medical equipment in more than 500 Health facilities in Ethiopia. This amounts to greater than 2,000 equipment. Technical services have a total of 32 technical resources; which is a team of well trained, experienced and equipment specialized Biomedical, Electrical and Mechanical engineers.

The team has proved its technical and operational capability through successful implementation of various complex turnkey projects. Infinity implements continuous improvement and invests on tools, trainings and stocking spare parts.
Infinity uses IT infrastructure to track real-time digital records on equipment and corresponding documentations.

This enables quality service delivery, proactive planning and assists in making informed decision to reduce risk of unplanned interruption to patient care and workflow.

Through the use of real-time power, environment and equipment monitoring tools, infinity advises customer and take necessary proactive actions to reduce equipment downtime.

A fully equipped workshop space has been operational since January 2017.



The workshop is furnished with biomedical, electrical, mechanical and safety tools.

Infinity service has extended its reach by providing services to 98 Kenyan Hospitals under the Kenyan MOH program.

Infinity has a dedicated service call center to receive customer calls and process service requests accordingly.

Customers can contact Infinity’s Service Call Centre through below listed contact details.